Jerry's most recent work:


Created symphonic treatments of "Mazur," "Faenza," "Waiting For The Call" and "Elven Dance" for Polish-German jazz quartet Poetic Jazz. Performed by Poetic Jazz and Polska Filharmonia Sinfonia Baltica in Slupsk, Poland September 2014.


World premier of "Tangarablé" scored for string quartet plus flute, clarinet, bassoon and percussion (February 2014)


Producer and conductor of string session at WGBH Boston for Arab Idol judge Hassan El Shaffei. This music is used in the Saudi Arabian TV series, "Sultana." (April 2013)


World premier of "Musings" scored for three violins, cello, flute and clarinet (February 2013)


Professor, Berklee College of Music (1993-present)

Duties include instruction in writing within a variety of styles and instrumentation, producing student projects and overseeing student productions. Additional duties include contracting players for various recording ensembles and directed studies in the Contemporary Writing and Production department; member of the CWP Curriculum Committee.


World premier of "The Other Side" scored for harp, 5 - string violin, acoustic bass, flute and oboe (February 2012)


Presented writing seminars at Conservatorie Luisa D’Annunzio in Pescara, Italy. Topics ranged from writing for small ensembles to large ensembles and contemporary composition (2010)


Composed and produced music tracks for Nestle’s “Wonk Your Room” web campaign. Duties included the creation and production of demonstration tracks, meeting with client, contracting and coordinating all players and studios in the project, presenting final mastered tracks to client (2007)

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