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As a composer, orchestrator, arranger, educator and author I’ve been a music industry professional for over 35 years. At the rank of Professor at Berklee College of Music, I teach in the Contemporary Writing and Production department, and have authored and taught for Berklee Online - Arranging: Rhythm Section and Horns, Arranging: Advanced Horn and Writing and Arranging: Woodwinds and Strings since 2004.

Newest Completed Projects: 

• Composed, orchestrated and conducted six pieces for the non-profit organization, The Orchestra on the Hill, based in Ipswich, MA.

• Orchestrated, conducted and produced a string session for former Arab Idol judge and Egyptian pop producer, Hassan El Shafei. The Netflix Original project is called "Abla Fahita" and is in current release worldwide.

• Composed, orchestrated and conducted "Tangarablé" for performance by the Orchestra on the Hill in Ipswich, MA. 

• Presented three Zoom master classes for the American Society of Musicians, Arrangers and Composers. The master classes were titled, Alternative Approaches to Contemporary Composition, Melodic Shape and Creating Non-Functional Chord Progressions.

• Wrote and conducted orchestral arrangements for the show "Soundscapes From Spain," directed by faculty member Olivia Perez Collellmir and was performed on January 20th, 2020 in the Berklee Performance Center. 

• Wrote and conducted string arrangements for the Madrid, Spain based band, Patax featuring Berklee alum, Jorge Perez. This music was performed on November 19th 2019 in Boston. 

• Orchestrated, arranged and conducted four pieces for Polish bassist and songwriter Lech Wieleba and his jazz quartet, Poetic Jazz, based in Hamburg, Germany and St Gallen, Switzerland. 

• Orchestrated and produced a second string session for former Arab Idol judge and Egyptian pop producer, Hassan El Shafei. The project was for a television show broadcast in Saudi Arabia titled, Sultana.

• Television and radio credits include Bank of America, Log Cabin maple syrup, Scope mouthwash, Marlboro cigarettes, and music preparation for The Dennis Miller Show, jazz great Bill Holman, and the late film composer Jack Smalley and Richard Band.

• At Berklee College of Music, I teach both Arranging 1 & 2, Directed Studies in Arranging (CW498), Contemporary Twelve -Tone Composition (CW255), Advanced Ensemble (CW211), Large Ensemble/Big Band (CW311) and Large Ensemble Orchestration (CW411).

• Released the book titled, “Arranging for Horns” for Berklee Press and Hal Leonard Publications. I’ve also authored and self-published a composition book entitled “All Twelve – Dodecaphonic Sources for Contemporary Composition.” 

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