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Arranging For Horns


Hot off the press is my new book, Arranging For Horns, published by Berklee Press and distributed by Hal Leonard Publishing.


In it you will learn how to add saxophones and brass to a rhythm section ensemble. You will learn the capabilities and characteristics of the most commonly used horns, and how to use them effectively. You will also learn the different roles that a horn section can serve in your ensemble. Online audio tracks demonstrate the key concepts, as exemplified in a complete score.


You will learn to:

  • Write for alto, tenor, and baritone saxophone, as well as trumpet and trombone

  • Construct common voicings, such as unisons, octave unisons, two- to five-part soli, and open voicings

  • Expand your harmony by using jazz chords

  • Use brass mutes

  • Compose many textures, including melodies, solis, fills, pads, comping parts, background lines, and others

  • Score advanced harmonic techniques characteristic of brass sections, such as chromatic approach chords, four- and five-part voicings, tension substitutions, and more


You may order it at the following link, or your favorite publisher:

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